Hubert Privé, the golf artist…

For the Normand sculptor artist, golf is not only a passion. It is also an art, a way of life and creation with strength and impertinence. Hubert Privé… the complement, of objects indirect of a planetary phrase “Humility, respect of yourself, of others, of our environment. All these values are reached in golf. It helps us to grow up with dignity”.

When, in May 2011 France was chosen as the ground to welcome the next Ryder Cup in 2018, Hubert Privé’s imagination quickly made the tour to connect this exceptional event with his incomparable creations.

To impregnate himself totally, in 2014 he went to Scotland to visit Gleneagles and two years later to Hazeltine in the U.S.A.

Today, not far away from the venue, the works of art of Hubert Privé dress with joy this new joust, which in all evidence will be timeless. From an Eiffel Tower to a simple item of clothing to wear, the artist invites everyone to share or be an actor.

And in the four quarters of the planet, France, its giant tees in the colours of Europe and the United States, already puts stars on the meeting of champions.

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