Book "Golf in Privé" : 1st edition


Imagine: You meet on a challenging golf course where, without a cart, you have had to climb hills, holding on to your hand cart so that it doesn’t run down the slopes while making you “break down the slope,” as they say in Lyon, where the rain, refreshing your efforts a bit, transformed the fairways into a skating rink and where non-casual water has trapped your ball like a lover…Imagine. There is the clubhouse, at last. And the vision of a beer to quench your thirst. And here, in a corner, near the clubs on display, next to the apparel and the shoes, there is a new…what? Piece of furniture? Installation? Art object? The animal on its hind legs, of which the transparent tray resembles a brother on this fairway which you have just left and which presents, along four rods which can be used, thanks to the handles, as a 7 iron, a rescue club, a putter and a sand wedge. With each change of the field, two holes and in the middle, this satin white ball which you hit beautifully, today. You approach. You look. You take two rods in two hands and try to hit the ball. One of your friends joins you and the group talks among themselves, schizophrenic-like: You are playing baby golf.

It is an object which I created recently, which you also can have in your home, in order to devote yourself to this devouring passion which is golf. Rest assured. I have created other works more relaxing, more mocking of us golfers, more exalting, also for this game, this sport, this addiction, this passion, this happiness, this misfortune, which olds us with promised dreams.

There are 62 works in this book which you can peruse, all legends to journalists, amateurs or those who love golf, or by those anonymous individuals who, like me, don’t throw either broken tees, or smashed clubs or lost balls. These works are ironic, touching, perverse, disconcerting, derisory, friendly, philosophical, mocking. They divert golf tools and accessories, setting the scene for situations we all know, allowing us to see ourselves playing without taking it too seriously.

The legends are in French and English. And for me, who doesn’t speak the language of Shakespeare, it’s a challenge. But how can we not give thanks to these Scots who, in the mists of the Highlands, invented this infernal game?

This book also has as a goal to allow you to share my artistic universe. You will see some new trophies which I created. They are of a simple golf style. But they have the beauty of an albatross or of an eagle: tee of gold, of silver, of bronze. Enough to make the dream come true that golf is an Olympic sport…

If, in closing this book, you have been able to smile, grind your teeth or laugh out loud, do not hesitate: Speak about it to your friends. The more numerous golfers will be, the more happiness there will be out of the rough: on the fairways.

Book "Golf in Privé" : 2nd edition

Privé on golf…

Golf is a passion! This antidepressant which, as Voltaire said in regard to work, “distances us from boredom, vice and need,” is as necessary to me as breathing. I play, however, less than I’d like: to create in my studio, show my sculptures and my photographs in France and abroad (England, Germany, United States, South Africa, Mauritius) is simultaneously an opportunity and a devourer of time.

You were able to discover 62 of my creations in my first book. I present to you here more than 90 new ones. This edition reveals the evolution and diversification of my work: The monumental sculptures rub shoulders with the concepts, the furniture design, the decorative objects and the trophies. I also wink to golf with the thematic works (the return of golf to the Olympic Games, the arrival of the Ryder Cup in France, the Evian Masters which has become a major, the champions of the world of amateur golf on the snow at Megève and also the centenary of our dynamic French Federation of Golf).

This book is a place for paper meetings: more than 150 passionate participants in the world of golf have expressed themselves on my work, each writing a test on one or several of my pieces. Certain of them are little known, others are champions, personalities from the world of economics or major patrons. Still others watch over the destiny of this gentlemen’s sport, without forgetting all the journalists who regularly support me. What they have in common? The passion for golf. I thank them for their confidence.

I also thank with all my heart my family and friends who have believed in my work. I can’t conclude this edition without thinking of the loss this year of Seve Ballesteros. I created two sculptures in his memory: a “gravitation” consisting of about 60 3-irons, of course! Et “Olle Seve” which symbolizes his religious affiliation.

I hope you enjoy discovering this new field of legends.

Book "Golf in Privé" : 3rd edition

Never two without three…

Thus, there is another adventure which has taken shape. A third book is constructed around 73 new sculptures and concepts in tribute to golf, companion of my imagination. Since 2008, there have been 220 creations in all. They want to combine the ordinary and the extraordinary, the universal and the singular, of a passion and in full light at the hour of golf return to the Olympics and with a Ryder Cup coming soon to French soil.

So this is another friendly human adventure. It invites us, in all humility. She persists and signs, between shared happiness and talent, reassuring, with diversity. Thank you to everyone. Thanks again to the 140 passionate ones who offer us here nearly 600 legends…and just as many winks.